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Caritas Merida helping children recovering from Malnutrition

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Thanks to generous contributions and tireless volunteer work, Mejor Venezuela Society has helped activate the SAMAN program (Monitoring, Warning and Nutrition and Health Care System) in Merida, Venezuela. This program allows malnourished children to be treated with a combination of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and antiparasitics in order to recover within eight weeks.

Using the funds received from Mejor Venezuela Society from July to October 2019, Caritas Merida was able to identify and develop this treatment in six parishes (Belen, Catedral, Los Curos, Montalban, Santa Barbara and El Rosario).

The results of this treatment were very encouraging as 68 children were fully recovered while the level of malnutrition was reduced in 7 children. Additionally, a pregnant woman with malnutrition, also included in the program, was able to increase her weight significantly.

In total, the children gained 180 Kg, which represents a 21% of weight increase. Further measurements observed additional increases in weight and height, as well as their emotional and intellectual state was noticeably different, according to observations made by the parents monitoring the progress and engagement of their children in different activities.

In December 2019, Mejor Venezuela Society sent additional funds to support the SAMAN Program in Merida state and are committed to continue contributing funds for this incredible cause. If you want to get involved with helping the kids, you can be a volunteer or donate on our website:

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