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A  group of Venezuelans living in British Columbia, Canada that wants to help our country, working together in the initiation and continuation of projects that help show all Venezuelans that we can have a better Venezuela.


  • Being an open window of Venezuela to the Canadian population and institutions

  • Identifying needs of the Venezuelan people and being an agent that promotes and integrates the necessary aids.

  • Acting as a link between local Venezuelan charities and international organizations or groups  willing to help.

  • Participating in activities organized by other pro Venezuela organizations in Canada

  • Participating in the diffusion and implementation of ideas, models and projects in Venezuela inspired on the values of Freedom and Democracy.


Be a reference as an avant-garde organization that brings together individuals and groups to share and transmit ideas, knowledge, experience and skills adaptable to the needs of Venezuela, so that the Venezuelan people can live in democracy, peace and prosperity.

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