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We are committed to reduce children malnutrition in Venezuela. We have 3 different ways in which you can help to accomplish this dream. We together can make the difference so there will be no more food deficiency in our country.


Use our account at Return-it Express bottle depot. With each container deposited you help Venezuelan children and help the planet.


We receive direct donations

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We always need extra hands to use on the rising fund charity events. Contact us and register for the next event.

Recycling you are helping


It's easy

Use our account at Return-it Express Bottle Depot. Follow these simple steps:


Place your empty containers in a blue or transparent bag (easy to obtain at any market).


Visit a Return-it Express Kiosk, at one of the locations listed  and use the account 604 - 422 - 8770. Select how many bags you have.


Once you've finished the kilos will print off labels for you to stick on each bag.  It's important each bag receives its own sticker.


Place your bags into the Express Kiosk drop off area.

You are already helping!

Amount collected: $10,611 (up to  Mar 24  , 2024)

Containers recycled : 128,071 (Approx. 11,500 kg)

How to help recycling
Recycling to Reduce Child Malnutrition in Venezuela

Recycling to Reduce Child Malnutrition in Venezuela

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little bit helps

We participante in charity events in Vancouver to rise funds to send to Venezuela.

Another way to help is to give part of your time volunteering for these activities.


Check out the event page and choose there in which event you are giving us a hand. 

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