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Mejor Venezuela Society is working to reduce childhood malnutrition in Venezuela. We are rising funds to be sent to Cáritas de Venezuela foundation to be used through the Project SAMAN.


The SAMAN Project (Alert, Monitoring and Nutritional Assistance System) that is being held by Cáritas Organization, help children with mild or moderate malnutrition to recover in 8 weeks. Through this Project, with only USD 23 every child is provided with the following:


  1. Nutritional supplements

  2. Vitamins

  3. Antiparisitics

  4. A weekly protein soup

  5. Weekly weight and measurement control

A message from Gabriela Mayer
 Cáritas Venezuela Director

With your help more children can overcome malnutrition

With your help more children can overcome malnutrition

Help us to help

Get involved

To succeed in our fight we need more people willing to have a better Venezuela! 

One way for rising funds and keep working against malnutrition is participating in charity events heles in Vancouver. To be present in this activities we always are in need of people to help with the different tasks that this events require.

Check our events page and choose in which activity you want to give us a hand!

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